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Step 1- Forms

First things first upon receiving your page link when you get to the login screen just sign in with your personalized email and you will gain access to your member page. 

Step 2- Forms

Upon gaining access to your member page, you will be presented with a personalized form and a active dashboard that has all your information.

Step 3 - Forms

Filling out the form will be necessary to know the specifications of your project. It will ask a list of questions about the project some are optional some are not and at the end of the form just press submit.

Step 4- Dashboard

The Dashboard displays all your personal widgets unique to your personal project. 

Step 5- Dashboard

You can use this dashboard to have a closer look on what stage your project is currently in all whiles keeping up with any updates along the way.


Step 6

If you want a closer look or have any questions call the number


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